"DeepWater Mafia 9" - Biographies

Bob Brown (The Pirate)
My story began in Saginaw, Michigan where I joined the Air Force at 17. First dive ever was in Malta on the Mediterranean Sea with my beautiful wife Tracy. After getting certified I did a 9 month assignment to Truk Lagoon in Micronesia where I dove over 100 dives off the Aggressor. Odyssey, and Blue Lagoon on the fleet of sunken WW2 shipwrecks. I received my training from the Truk Aggressor staff to Master Scuba Diver status (thank you Captain Stu).

Although I have travelled and dove in many other places in the world I chose to relocate to the Gulf Coast in 2006 for the specific reason of fishing and diving. The Gulf of Mexico off the Mississippi Gulf Coast is the best kept secret in the nation for aggressive spear fishing and I made it my home for now.

I was diving quite often but not really getting any better at shooting fish. One winter I decided to start diving with some legends of the coast, names like Alex Fogg and Mark Miller and a few Hell Divers. I wanted to get better at shooting fish. I wanted to be a Hell Diver.

That dream was put on hold when my diving partner Skip and I joined a lion fish tournament and needed a club name. The Deepwater Mafia was born out of necessity. I set aside my dream to join the Hell Divers and develop Deepwater Mafia. We needed 4 people but nobody would seriously commit to diving the tournament. Skip and I recruited Michael "Torch" Mann as our third partner. Torch was a real rookie. I often had my doubts that he would continue to dive with us let alone be the good spearo and great deck hand he is. We shot a lot of fish together and became the perfect team on the Damn Yankee. We dove our brains out back in those days, it was the most fun I ever had diving.

Tracy and I got "saved" right before we moved to the Gulf Coast. We attend Centerpoint Church. After 23 years together she still supports my crazy dreams 100%. To this day when Damn Yankee reaches Graveline Bayou she gets a blank text that means the team will be at the dock in a few minutes where she comes down to make sure everyone is well.

Skip Roberts (Salty Bones)
I grew up in South Georgia and loved the outdoors, on a pond or river fishing or in the woods hunting birds or deer. I have always loved the water swimming, skiing, wake boarding, and fishing. I got certified for scuba diving in 1995 in Mississippi while I was in the Navy. I also got my Advance Certification that same year. When I started college I had to back off of the diving and focus on school. It was 2003 when I started spearfishing. Once I started spearfishing, I was to combine two of my favorite past times of hunting and diving. Under the water can be peaceful, exciting and an adrenaline rush all at the same time.
Tim Shivers (Timinator)
Born and raised in South Mississippi. Grew up fishing, crabbing, and cast netting right here in Ocean Springs.
Learned to dive in 2005 but only did resort diving till I met The Pirate, Salty Bones , and Torch. They invited Shark Whisperer and I to dive with them and we were immediately OBSESSED with the sport!!!
I am the captain of the Southern Spear-it, a 29' Twin Vee
I am married to my dream girl and trophy wife, Lee for 34 years now. We have two wonderful sons, one of which is certified.
I am very proud to call myself a Christian. I am a member of Mosaic Church.
I credit this Deepwater Mafia group for helping to shape the diver and character that I am now. They are my brothers for life!!!
Favorite Quotes:
A ship in the harbor is safe, but that"s not what ships were made for!
We should die with memories, not dreams!
Glenn Camplejohn, Jr. (Shark Whisperer)
Glen Camplejohn Jr aka "Shark Whisperer". Born and spent my childhood in Florida. While I am not a big fan of big sharks, I carry protection on my dives in the way of a Shark Shield that sends a signal to warn all nearby sharks to stay away from me.

I am Captain of the Boom Boom Express, a 26 foot Twin Vee built and set up for serious diving on the Gulf Coast. I work hard to support the Boom Boom Express and my family.

I am married to my beautiful wife Debbie who is a Godly woman and makes me proud of that. We have 3 kids, Seth, Dyllan, Derek, and Shai. Dyllan is certified open water and Seth is working on it.

My first dive with Deepwater Mafia was with Bob the Pirate and Skip aboard the "Damn Yankee". I was at Centerpoint Church doing my ushering when Bob the Pirate heard I was a diver and invited me out for a day of spearfishing. I asked if Tim Shivers could go with us (now know throughout the land as "Timinator"). It was like throwing gasoline on an already burning fire. The 4 of us went together like peanut butter and jelly.

I have since certified as an Advanced Diver through Adventure Locators. I get out on the water every chance I get. Sometimes my flooring business gets in the way, but I am working on that problem. Seriously, God is first in my life and always will be. Debbie and the kids always get the second priority in my life. Life is good somewhere about 20 miles off a beach, stay safe my fellow divers!
Mark Primo Miller (King Neptune)
My love has always been with the ocean but for reasons of economics, I obtained an Electrical Engineering degree from Mississippi State University figuring that Jacques Cousteau was an Engineer before he did his ocean work. These days I pay my bills working on computer networks doing systems administration for small companies (Primo Engineering). I run fishing and diving charters part time so I can pursue my passion for the ocean. When I started diving, there was not a great deal of formal and specialized training, nor were there fishing regulations like we have now. I have made dives in caves, over walls, in a few exotic diving destinations, and my deepest dive has been to 275 feet. I have made numerous dives over 200 feet. I have only made dives on standard air with no nitrox or other mixed gases. I only say this to emphasize that I am "old-school" and have lots of experience with very little formal training. This past year I got bent for the first time so I am realizing I have to start slowing down and being more cautious. I am copying and pasting some of my history from my Primofish page here.

1972: He began fishing these waters at the age of 12 utilizing a family boat.
1977: He became a YMCA certified SCUBA Diver and has been a very active diver since then.
1979: He began cooperatively to study electrical engineering at Mississippi State University and working with Singing River Electric Power Association in Gautier.
1984: He graduated and began full time employment with SREPA.
1985: He purchased his first boat, a 16' Mitchell which he immediately outfitted with a LORAN and Chart Recorder. He also discovered the Mississippi Gulf Fishing Banks (MGFB) and became an active member.
1987: He purchased his second boat, a 24' Aquasport.
1989: He began his contract dive and spotter boat work for MGFB that would last 5 more years. He has been instrumental in placing and studying all the public reefs off Mississippi. He also headed up MGFB's red snapper tagging program.
1991: He quit his full time employment as an engineer with Singing River Electric Power Association, got his US Coast Guard license, and began full time charter fishing as well as doing computer and electrical work. He ran his own 24' Aquasport as well as the "Mistral II", a 36' Delta, and the "Smooth Operator", a 36' Glenn Young Boat.
1994: He moved the computer work to a store front in Pascagoula.
1996: He renewed his US Coast Guard License and purchased his new Proline 240 with a Mercury 225 EFI Offshore engine.
1997: Won the contract to resume doing spotter and diving work for MGFB
2000: The Boat was re-powered with a Mercury 225 Optimax Engine.
2001: Captain's License renewed again.
2002: The Boat was re-powered with a Honda 225BFI 4-Stroke.
2005: Hurricane Katrina Strikes
2006: Captain's License renewed again.
2007: The Boat was reluctantly re-powered again with a Honda 225BFI 4-Stroke.
2011: Captain's License renewed again.
2014: Boat repowered with a Yamaha 300 4-Stroke. Best Engine on the boat yet!
2016: Took a DCS hit for the first time.

I was very active with MGFB between 1985 and 2017 building and documenting Mississippi's Artificial Reefs. As I age, I seem to be moving more toward photography and enjoy experiencing Ocean Life more than killing. I am happy to take one fish per trip to remember my experience and enjoy nature's bounty. I also feel an urge to push for equitable fishing rights and less government intrusion. Ironically, Government Closures take away our freedoms instead of protecting them. "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. The phrase gives three examples of the "unalienable rights" which the Declaration says have been given to all human beings by their Creator, and which governments are created to protect. By denying access to this public resource, they are preventing us from experiencing these rights and this is wrong. I believe that there should not be different rules for user groups such as commercial, recreational, and the "For Hire" Sectors. We all have the same rights to the resource and should not have different rules to follow. Commercial people will just utilize the same rules more often. Creating different rules just pits people against one another and eventually they will not follow the rules outlined to them. You can read more about my seemingly outside view of this on my Fish-Rant Web Page. You can visit my extensive galleries at primofish and you can also visit my YouTube Channel where I started sharing my experiences in 2010.

My Favorite Quote: "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever" (Jacques Cousteau)
Tommy Krumland (TK)
Tommy Phelps (Ocean Sniper)
With the exception of a tour in the Marines and a few years working in central Mississippi, he has lived on the Gulf Coast for 40 years. From playing on his fathers shrimp boat around age 5 to kneeboarding in the river as a teen, Ocean sniper has been in, on, or around the water most of his life.

While snorkeling on vacation and experiencing the underwater sights, there was more to see and explore than he was able. Shortly after this trip, he and his wife both became certified scuba divers and started to explore regularly. The underwater world quickly became a passion and he wanted to learn and experience as much as possible.

He holds the following certifications:
Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, and Master Scuba Diver.
Later becoming a PADI Divemaster and Emergency First Response/CPR Instructor . Completed the DAN Dive Emergency Management Provider course.

His specialties include: Deep Diver, Enriched Air Nitrox Diver, Boat Diver, Drift Diver, Night Diver, and Wreck Diver. Although he started out taking pictures, once he started Spearfishing, the passion quickly became an obsession; founding Team N2O2 . After several successful and productive years in tournament spearfishing, he left tournaments to focus more on recreational diving with family and spearfishing with friends. He joined a group of other diving enthusiasts to help found the DEEPWATER MAFIA-and the obsession continues to grow- hence his boat name "DEEP OBSESSION".
Brian Bounds (ScarFace)
I am a believer in our Savior Jesus Christ and love spending time in God's creation. I became an Open Water Diver in August of 2016. I guess spearfishing was a natural step for me considering my love of hunting, fishing, swimming, and boating. What could be better than combining the things that I already loved...right? I found diving and spearfishing absolutely amazing. I went into to further my training to include my Nitrox and Advanced Open Water Diver in November.
Jason Coniglio (Flipper) - Retired from the DWM-9
I started diving back in 1993 in Guam while in the navy, I got certified under the Micronesia diving association as a PADI diver. Mostly recreational. I've done some diving in Saipan, Hawaii, Guam, St. Martin, St. Croix, St. Thomas VI, Cabo San Lucas Mexico, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama. I started spear fishing around the year 2012.
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